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Herpes Type 1 and Type 2 Testing

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Genital Herpes (HSV-1 & HSV-2)

What Makes Our Private STD Testing Clinic Unique?

  • 5 - Minutes Tests.
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  • 100% Discrete and Confidential STD testing
  • NO long wait times, or inaccurate testing methods for you.
  • Our testing centers only use FDA-approved tests performed in CLIA-certified laboratories.
  • So you can be confident that your results are comprehensive and accurate!
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How We Test For Oral & Genital Herpes (HSV-1 & HSV-2)

Our herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 (IgG) type-specific antibody testing uses an immunoassay to look for antibodies to both types of the herpes virus in the blood. If a sufficient number of antibodies are detected, the tester is positive for the corresponding virus. Even in the absence of an outbreak, our FDA-approved herpes type 1 & 2 testing is 97%-99% accurate between 4-6 weeks after exposure. After 6 weeks, it will still be 99% accurate. While HSV-2 is commonly referred to as genital herpes and HSV-1 is commonly referred to as oral herpes, both can be found on either side of the body.

A positive HSV-1 test result does not always indicate oral herpes, nor does a positive HSV-2 test result indicate genital herpes. Entering your zip code and selecting the lab that is most convenient for you is all it takes to find a lab. You pay online and can be tested as soon as the next day.

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5 Minutes Testing Process

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Small Blood Sample

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Results in 24 - 48 hours

More Information About Oral & Genital Herpes Testing

Kissing, sexual contact, oral secretions, sharing personal objects such as toothbrushes, and direct contact with herpes sores are all common ways for HSV-1 to spread. HSV-2 is rarely transmitted through means other than sex and direct contact with herpes-positive genitals. Herpes patients frequently do not exhibit symptoms at first. It can take weeks, months, or even years for symptoms to appear, allowing the virus to spread. Though it is critical to always practice safe sex, herpes can be transmitted even when protection is used. This is why it’s critical to have an open and honest conversation about your partner’s status, to be aware of the symptoms to look out for, and to understand that herpes can be contracted even when no symptoms are present.

A blood sample is required for the herpes type 1 and 2 (IgG) type-specific antibody test. This type of testing is the most accurate and dependable option.

Prior to testing, no preparation is required, including fasting or appointments.

If you are experiencing symptoms, get tested right away! If you are not experiencing symptoms, our clinicians recommend waiting at least four weeks after potential herpes virus exposure before getting tested to ensure greater accuracy.

Your herpes antibody concentration in your blood determines whether your results are positive, negative, or indeterminate. A negative result indicates that there were insufficient herpes antibodies in a blood sample for you to be considered herpes positive. A positive result indicates that you have a significant amount of antibodies against one or both strains of herpes in your blood. It is possible to have both types of herpes at the same time. Those who test negative should retest in three months to confirm a negative diagnosis.

Herpes, regardless of type, cannot be cured. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, antiviral medications can help you manage them. These drugs do not cure the virus, but they can help control outbreaks, reduce the severity of symptoms, and lower your chances of spreading the virus to others. It’s important to note that most herpes-positive people live perfectly normal and happy lives, with little interference from the virus. Herpes is extremely common; the World Health Organization estimates that up to 67 percent of the world’s population has HSV; however, this figure could be even higher because most healthcare professionals do not test for the virus unless specifically requested.

Should I Test for other STDs?

If you recently had oral sex or intercourse with a new partner about whose STD status you are unaware, now is an excellent time to get tested for herpes type 1 and herpes type 2. The presence of an STD increases your chances of contracting another. If you suspect you have herpes, you should get tested for other STDs. Our clinicians recommend testing for all STDs at least once a year, whether you have an STD or not. To ensure you are free of the most common STDs, our all-inclusive 10-test panel looks for both types of herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV 1&2 (4th gen), hepatitis A, B, and C.  If you recently had a sexual encounter with someone whose STD status you do not know, you should get tested. Our clinicians advise testing for chlamydia 1-5 days after exposure and gonorrhea 2-6 days later. Re-test two weeks after treatment to ensure you are free of chlamydia and gonorrhea, then three months later to ensure the infection has not returned. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are co-existing infections, which means that having one infection increases your chances of getting the other. Taking the chlamydia and gonorrhea test panel ensures that you are tested for both diseases. In addition, if you have not been tested for other STDs in the last year, such as syphilis, HIV-1, HIV-2, hepatitis A, B, and C, or herpes 1 and 2, our clinicians recommend taking the all-inclusive 10 Test Panel to ensure that you are completely STD free.

What happens if you test positive for Herpes I & II?

If you test positive for Herpes I and II, our doctors can provide you with a phone consultation. They will answer any questions you have about your test results, discuss available treatments, and, at their discretion, prescribe medications for your Herpes I & II infection. You can also contact our Care Advisors by phone or live chat at any time.

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Anonymous Jun 26, 2019

It took a second to get checked in at the kiosk and admitted into the testing room, but testing was quick and easy and staff was friendly.

Anonymous Mar 1, 2022

Smooth and fast!

Anonymous Jun 26, 2019

Order the test on Thursday, go to the lab 8 minutes from my house on Friday morning around 6:30am. Got my result back by Monday around 10:00 am in the morning. Great service, convenient and fast result. Thanks and Quest Diagnostics.

Anonymous March 6, 2019

I can not believe how incredibly easy this process was! I did the 10 panel STD test. Ordered the test at 6pm on Wed night, tested Thurs morning at 7:30 and my results were coming in on Friday at 9am. The final results came by 8 pm Friday night! I’m so relieved i took the test and will use this service again!

Anonymous November 23, 2018

Getting tested was easier than it’s ever been. As someone that used to get in line at a planned parenthood for my yearly screenings I was expecting a wait at the lab. Instead I just walked in, was called within 3 minutes of signing in, pee’d in a cup, they called my name to give blood before I was done peeing, gave blood, and was out the door. ALL WITHIN 20 MINUTES. My results were then ready about 4 hours less than the 48 hours they promise. All in all this is a FANTASTIC service! The final results came by 8 pm Friday night! I’m so relieved i took the test and will use this service again!