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STDs Symptoms

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is an acronym for Sexually Transmitted Disease. Worrying over whether or not you’ve been infected with an STD can cause major disruptions in your life. Not everyone knows what STDs are and what a diagnosis means for them or people they care about. Many people are unaware of the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Fortunately, most STDs are treatable, and some are even curable. Learning about STDs, learning about their symptoms, and getting tested to better protect yourself and your partner are some of the best ways to spot STD signs.

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About STDs Symptoms

The Importance of Being Aware of STD Signs and Symptoms

One of the reasons STDs are so common is that many carriers are unaware they are sick. In most cases, being unaware of infection is due to a lack of understanding about STDs and their symptoms. When it comes to STD symptoms, many people assume the worst since they don’t know what to expect. Educating oneself about STDs and their symptoms, whether or not you believe you are at danger, can bring you serenity and perhaps protect you and your loved ones.

About STDs Symptoms

STDs with no symptoms

Unfortunately, self-diagnosis can be more difficult than it appears. This is due to the fact that some STDs are asymptomatic, which means the infected person has no symptoms. Even persons who are aware of STDs and their symptoms may be unaware that they are infected. When STDs are asymptomatic, the danger of infection and dissemination increases, and your internal systems are typically injured before you realize you’ve been infected. Whether you have symptoms or not, we strongly advise you to get tested for STDs. Regular testing can result in early discovery, allowing treatment to begin sooner.

About STDs Symptoms
Men and Women's Common Symptoms

Knowing the signs and symptoms of STDs can save your life. While each STD has its unique set of symptoms, many STDs have symptoms that are very similar.

It’s also crucial to know that STDs don’t discriminate between men and women; anyone can get infected. Even when men and women are sick with the same disease, their symptoms may differ. Lists of common symptoms for men and women are provided below to assist you as you learn more about STDs and associated symptoms.

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STD Testing In Atlanta GA.

100% Confidential. Protect Yourself & Your Partner With Fast, Local & Affordable Services. 100% Confidential. FDA-Approved/Cleared. Results in 24-48 Hours

The age, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and medical history all play a role in STD testing. If you’re at risk for one STD, you might be at risk for others as well, so you should get complete testing.

To ensure accuracy, all of our STD testing are conducted using urine and/or blood tests. We don’t use swabs or saliva tests.

Yes, a woman’s menstrual period should not prevent her from getting tested for STDs if she is at risk.

The majority of tests provide an electronic result within 48-72 Hours. HIV RNA and Trichomoniasis tests may take an extra day.

If you’re having a pee test, don’t urinate for at least an hour before the test to guarantee a large enough sample size. If you’re taking the wellness panel, you’ll also need to fast for 12 hours before the exam. You don’t need to do anything else to get ready for your STD test.

It’s hard to know which STDs you’ve had contact with; if you’re at risk for one, you’re at risk for all. Taking our 10-Test Panel is the best method to ensure that you are fully informed and aware of all potential STDs.

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, Hepatitis A, B, C, Genital herpes, Oral herpes, HIV 1 & 2, and Syphilis tests are available. We offer both individual and bundle testing. Find out more about STD Testing.

If you are slightly sexually active, we recommend being tested for STDs at least twice a year. More regular testing is recommended if you are sexually active, have several partners, or have previously tested positive for one or more STDs.

The minimum age for STDs varies by state. To see what might apply to your state, click the link.

The visit takes about five minutes or less from the time you arrive. The visit consists of basic urine and/or blood collection and then you walk out. 

Absolutely No. Our partner labs perform a variety of other diagnostic tests that need urine and/or blood samples too, so there is no way they will be aware of the STD Test.

There is no need to schedule an appointment. After you’ve placed your order, you can come to the lab at any time during business hours to collect your samples. If you’re short on time, phone the lab to schedule an appointment.

You can take the test as soon as you receive your Order Form (or confidential test code). The order form will be available through your online account and/or emailed to you.

It’s a blood test that can detect syphilis in as little as two weeks after exposure (compared to 4 weeks to 3 months with a standard RPR test)

It’s a blood test that can detect HIV in as little as 9-11 days after exposure (vs. 2-6 weeks with an HIV antigen/antibody test).

HIV: 2-6 weeks, Syphilis: 1-3 months, Herpes: 6-26 days, Chlamydia: 1-3 weeks, Gonorrhea: 2-3 days, Hepatitis B: 1-5 months, Hepatitis C: 2-6 months, Trichomonas: 5-28 days

If you are positive, we will provide you with a doctor consultation and a written prescription for a $95 fee. A written prescription for your partner is available for an additional fee of $95. We can even call your prescriptions into your pharmacy on your behalf.

Yes, being treated for an STD does not prevent you from contracting the infection again.

No, due to privacy concerns, our live chat representatives are unable to look up your results. However, you can contact our Medical Advisors to inquire about the status of your results.

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